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“What is not being foreseen cannot
be seen when it happens.”
Kees Van Der Heijden

Pamela Morgan's clients come from a wide array of interests focused around energy. Regulators, Utilities, Environmental Advocates and Educational Institutions rely on her for training, presentations and consultation.

Our Services

  • Coaching, to help you lead what you need to lead and do what you need to do
  • Facilitation, within your organization or involving many organizations, for creative observation, and help in working the cycle: releasing old ideas, renewing the understanding of the situation, planting seeds for new ways to move forward, and reaping the learning from the seeds’ consequences.
  • Consulting, including research on and communication of complex policy issues
  • Training, for within your organization or of a cross-organizational group, in topics ranging from the energy utility industry to creative observation and working the cycle
  • Speaking on the energy utility industry and change
  • Serving as an expert witness on energy utility policy issues

Sample Consulting Topics

  • Studies of complex issues such as decoupling mechanisms and their rate impacts, or renewable resource portfolio standards and the status of resource development under them
  • Policy development, such as energy efficiency policies for developing countries or energy utility pricing policy
  • Strategy development, such as a strategy to change an existing set of regulatory policies

Sample Facilitation Topics

  • Workshops to explore regulatory policy changes, such as to utility resource planning and acquisition rules or utility decoupling
  • Meetings to obtain stakeholder feedback, such as to proposed policy changes
  • Stakeholder processes to develop consensus proposals

Sample Training Topics

  • Systems Thinking for Utility Regulators (Brochure)
  • Basics of the Electricity and Natural Gas Utility Industries
  • Basics of Utility Finance
  • Taking a Systemic Worldview and Other Practices for More Thoughtful Thinking
  • Executive Presentation Skills

Sample Expert Witness Topics

  • Regulatory Policy
  • Rate Spread
  • Rate Design
  • Integrated Resource Planning
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Decoupling

Sample Speaking Topics

  • The Smart Grid
  • History of Electric and Natural Gas Utilities
  • Executive Presentation Skills
  • Energy Utility Decoupling
  • Integrated Resources Planning
  • Rethinking Energy Efficiency
  • Applying Systems Thinking to Electric Industry Evolution

Sample Coaching Topics

  • Strategic and Critical Thinking
  • Working with Stakeholders
  • Creative Observation
  • Working the cycle of release, renew, plant and reap


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