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“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life,
but in a new way.”
Doris Lessing

Pamela's capabilities include:

  • Strong strategic and integrative thinker and leader of group strategic work
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including large group/conference presentations
  • Thorough understanding of all aspects of the electric utility industry and economic regulation
  • Solid experience with developing, delivering and evaluating training and performance development and evaluation programs
  • Deep commitment to learning

Pamela Morgan's full resumé.

Our Resources

Electrical Industry Experience  

Electric Industry Experience

  • High familiarity with industry structure


  • Working knowledge of management practices and organizational development
  • Leadership of strategic business, regulatory and resource planning
  • Comfort with public policy issues and forums
Clarity and Creativity Foundation  

Clarity and Creativity Foundation

  • Ability to take alternate worldviews, including holistic and reductionist
  • Working familiarity with dialogue and other conversational practices
  • Adept at raising, questioning and suspending assumptions and beliefs
  • Full use of a range of thinking styles, including visual, conceptual, and lingual


  • Writing: general and technical
  • Advocacy: oral and written
  • Planning in multiple time frames
  • Helping others turn information into knowledge
  • Explaining complex matters
  • Learning and application of the knowledge gained


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