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Pamela’s Blog:
The Energy Utility - re-imagined, re-invented


This is a blog about utilities; specifically, energy utilities.  We all experience these, the organizations of people and structures that stand behind the electricity or natural gas that arrive at the places where we live and where we work, at the server farms and cell phone towers that support our access to the internet, and … + read more

Limits to growth

Within the last few weeks, two news items caught my attention. The first item related to the proposed elimination of some of the United States’ nuclear arsenal. One of the states affected by the removal of the weapons and, presumably personnel and economic activity associated with maintaining them, was complaining bitterly about the proposed action … + read more

What is normal?

What is normal? We use the word normal all of the time. The weather is normal or it is not normal. My sister is behaving normally or not normally. Home sales are normal or not normal. We just need to wait a while and then things (the economy, our family situation, the weather, whatever) will … + read more

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