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“All energy conversions are merely means to attain a multitude of desired goals.”
Vaclav Smil

Pamela Morgan, President and Principal Consultant at Graceful Systems, worked for 20 years with Portland General Electric, an electric utility company. But she has also worked for or consulted with utility commissions, environmental groups and taught university courses on management.  Pamela Morgan writes a blog on the energy utility industry: The Energy Utility – reimagined, reinvented.

Focus on Energy

Energy is how life moves and works.  All of the ways we do things involve energy. 

Today, in developed countries, we receive useable forms of that energy largely through vast tangible and intangible systems: highly structured, incredibly complex.

Time and the incessant change in both natural and man-made worlds challenge these systems, as they do all life.  The systems have unintended consequences that contribute to the changes that challenge them.  Resilience is weak.

Other countries still have choices but the forces driving them to the same structures and complexity are strong. 

Working the cycle for the systems by which we obtain, convert, deliver, and apply energy is challenging.  Release is critical but must occur without loss of system functionality.  We must renew and plant while still reaping, in the same space and time.  Such circumstances require us first to emphasize creative observation and the release of old thoughts.  Change to the physical systems will follow, at a pace that conserves the outcomes we need while we nurture and weed the new.

For systems of energy and energy infrastructure, Graceful Systems adds deep experience and expertise to our practices of creative observation and working the cycle.   However you participate in these systems – as a business or utility, as a regulator, as a community, or as an advocate for energy users – Graceful Systems can help you address the strategic questions you face in these highly complex systems.


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